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From Creus Cape to Requesens castle 

1st stage of the "Transpirenaica"

A 47 kilometers route that you can do in a day, but we recommend that you spend a whole weekend as there are several places of interest in the area: turtle center, hiking treks, monasteries and villages in the area.

Recommended time of year: All year long, since it is the beginning of the Pyrenean mountain range. Avoid on and after heavy rainy days.

4x4 route from Creus Cape to Requesens

Points of interest

Cap de Creus Natural Park: Nice area for hiking treks. We will have to leave the vehicle on the outskirts of Cadaqués and walk up to the Cape of Creus, as the road is very narrow and it is forbidden the passage of large vehicles.

Llançà: Exit point of the route. Campsites and all kinds of services.

Monestery of Sant Pere de Rodes: Benedictine monastery of the old county of Empúries, of pre-romanesque, romanesque and gothic style. It is necessary to deviate a bit from the route to visit it, but it is worth it.

Monestery of Sant Quirze de Colera: Benedictine abbey of the former county of Empúries.

The Albera Turtle Breeding Center: Includes facilities for the captive breeding of the Mediterranean turtle, a species in serious danger of extinction, which maintains the last peninsular population in Albera.

Castle of Requesens: beautiful neomedieval castle that dominates all the southern valleys of the Puig Neulós. Visits on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, and throughout the month of August.

Charming villages: Cadaqués, Portlligat, Port de la Selva.

Route description

This route allows us to start the journey across the Pyrenees from the sea going through a typical Mediterranean natural landscape such as the Albera range.

We leave the village of Lançà, the route begins in the port of this beautiful coastal town. As soon as we leave the village we take a track that goes by the stream in the first few hundred meters, following the paint marks of the GR-11 route that is used to walk to the Atlantic.

We go up to the Terrols range, just below the Puig Tifell, in the middle of fields of olive trees and vineyards and then start descending to the hermitage of San Silvestre, where we can take the opportunity to stop and enjoy the peace of Albera.

We follow Vilamaniscle direction by a strong rise with loose stones that we passed without too many difficulties. From here we can deviate from the route and go to visit the turtle breeding center of the Albera, which only opens in the morning and will not leave us indifferent.


We leave Vilamaniscle though a rural paved road that will take us without problems to the Monastery of Sant Quirze de Colera, where we can visit the monastery or simply eat something in the restaurant that is right there.

Creus Cape
Sant Pere de Rodes monastery
turtles centre
cork oaks

Despite we had searched for an unpaved route, we will have to drive by an asphalt road to go from Vilamaniscle to Sant Climent Sescebes, since the military camp and the difficulty of the forest tracks of the zone do not allow the passage of high large vehicles like ours.

In Rabós we will find a rest area with children's games. Espolla is at the confluence of several small valleys that preserve small treasures in the form of dolmens and menhirs.

Once we leave Sant Climent Sescebes we turn to the right and take a very well kept track where we can enjoy the presence of magnificent cork oaks. Through this track we reach Requesens castle, located on a hill overlooking all the valleys of Neulós peak.

starry nigth
Requesens Castle

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