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From Espinavell to Ribes de Freser 

3rd stage of the "Transpirenaica"

A 64 kilometers route that you can do in a day, or in a weekend if you want to go for mountain hikes.

Recommended time of year: from late spring to early fall, since you´ll go through mountain roads where there is often snow.

Points of interest

Espinavell: Bucolic mountain village with steep streets. Small grocery store and bar serving meals.

Collada Fonda: Ascension point to Costabona (2,465 m.) from where we can enjoy magnificent views of the Canigó massif.

Setcases: Point of exit of excursions towards the Valley of Núria, Bastiments or Canigó. Vallter ski resort. Numerous restaurants and shops.

Tregurà: Picnic area at the viewpoint you find after leaving the town. Restaurants.

Collada de Fontlletera i coll de Meianell: Ascending point to Balandrau (2,585 m) and Montroig (1,991 m) respectively, with beautiful views over the Ribes Valley.

Ribes de Freser: Starting point of the rack railway that access Núria’s valley. Camping Vall de Ribes.

Núria’s Valley: Place where the rack railway arrives and where we find the Sanctuary that houses a Romanesque carving of great historical value. High mountain location, where you cannot reach by car and starting point of numerous ascents and crossings to summits of almost 3,000 meters. Possibility to spend the night in a hostel or cells and enjoy mountain tourist activities.

Route description

This route begins in the town of Espinavell, from where we take a rural road without asphalting but in very good condition that in a few kilometers will take us to the refuge of the Saleres de Caderget and Collada Fonda.

At this point we can park our vehicle and go for a hiking trek to the peak of Costabona, where we can enjoy a high mountain environment typical of the Pyrenees area where we are located and magnificent views of the Canigó massif.

bordes de Conflent a la ruta 4x4
meravellosos paisatges a la ruta 4x4

Once in the mountain pass we continue along the track without difficulties and we will reach the viewpoint of the Baidana, where it is worth stopping to be able to enjoy the views of the valley.

Once the track is finished we will go to the road that goes from Setcases to the Vallter ski station, where we can approach if we want to do some high mountain trek or to enjoy the ski resort.


If we continue towards the south, in a few kilometers we arrive to Setcases. We leave the town to our right and we follow by the road GIV-5264 until the crossing of the town of Tregurà de Baix.

We drive along a paved road, we cross Tregurà de Baix and just leaving Tregurà de Dalt we take a rural track and climb up to the hill of the Gralla. We pass through the Fontlletera valley from where we can ascend to Balandrau without too much difficulty. We continue to the hill of Meianell.

This is a high mountain track, with wild landscape in many sections and vegetation that starts to disappear as we go up giving way to large quarries, however the track is in a very good condition and we can enjoy this landscape with total comfort.


From this point we start finding vegetation again, which increases as we go down to the Ribes Valley, passing from the alpine meadows, forests of black pine and fir trees to medium mountain vegetation.

We will pass through Rivesaltes and we will get to the road that joins Ribes de Freser with Pardines, where we will find a section of narrow road thought which we will have to circulate with caution.

Once we arrive at Ribes de Freser, we will feel that we have gone all over a great alpine stage, which we can finish up by taking the rack railway to visit the Sanctuary of Núria and its incomparable surroundings.

Farrera, poble de muntanya
ermita de Sta Magdalena

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