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What are we offering?

We offer experiences to those who want to hire a 4x4 camper van which will reach places that standard mobile homes cannot  gain accesibility to.

Those who like to sleep under the night sky without having to worry about insecure surroundings.

Those who appreciate the freedom and accesibility that only a 4X4 can permit them.


Those who like to travel across all types of terrain: from snow to sand and from rocks to tarmac.

Those who just love outdoor sports such as skiing, cycling, canoeing, trailrunning, cross country, and mountain-biking.

Those who simply like to be spectators: a week following the Tour of France through the Pyrenees or the Spanish ciclyng Tour or to be able to enjoy a few days in the Catalan Circuit while one of the Grand Prix is being held.

Those who are interested in doing the “Camino de Santiago” or any other route with a support vehicle behind them. This way you can do any stretch you like each day, and drive off later to find a place to sleep.

4x4 camper van rentals

If you are one of those... Congratulations! You have found the ideal vehicle. Fully equipped with a kitchen, fridge, shower, WC, and all you need to be able to enjoy absolute freedom and also total intimacy in the place you choose to spend the night, a totally unique experience!

Every day you will be able to choose where to spend the night. You could wake up the next morning to find a field covered with snow or a lonely beach, a lush forest or a Grand Prix paddock in the midst of a dreamlike camp site.

If you don´t have room in your house or you simply don´t feel like the hassle of maintaining  such a specialized vehicle all year long, we can supply  you with what you always dreamed off. We take care of everything, we plan the route, we rent you the vehicle, we provide you with everything you need for the adventure and, on request, we even do your shopping for you with all you may desire,

So, you don´t have to worry about a thing...

All you need is enthusiasm, the desire to have fun and your own expriences, and when you start the ignition of one of our vans, we are absolutely sure that you won´t be disappointed!

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