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Putting to one side other traditional 4X4 routes, we recomend you follow the paths that we ourselves have tested with our vehicles, ensuring in this way a peaceful transit without too many obstacles. However it is always adviseable to find out in advance what kind of condition the routes are in at any given time and we will supply you with the location of information points.

We are not fans of “extreme” 4X4 adventures; we just want you to enjoy your drive and the scenary without having to concentrate on hazards!

Our routes are family-friendly or to be enjoyed in the company of friends. They can lead you to the most incredible places. Once you are there you can organize hikes or bicycle rides into the surrounding countryside, or you can simply bask in the splendour of the place you have reached.

If you are interested in any other itineray, either walking or cycling, in the wherabouts of the place you have chosen to stay, we can advise you according to the season. Also, we can suggest different places to spend the night when you arrive tired at dusk, whether your preference be the solitude of a high mountain, the middle of a leafy forest or the comfort of a camp site... You decide at any time depending on the weather conditions. We guarantee that if what you are looking for is freedom and peace and quiet, you will be able to sleep in the best places you have ever dreamed of.

We will also provide you with all the informatin about the best places to eat on each route, where to shop for food, gas or petrol, and where to find drinking water.

Some precautions and recommendations to take into account.

The routes that Campercat4X4 offers to you, are along forest tracks, some over high mountains, with variable weather conditions, frequent  heavy rains and snow, even in summer.

We recommend you fill the petrol tank before you start your journay.

It is not permited under any circumstance to go outside the chosen track, and you must follow the path strictly as if on a normal paved road. Cross country driving is totally prohibited as it negatively affects the natural environment.

Campercat4X4 declines any responsability for damage to the vehicle or its occupants when driving in bad meteorogical conditions or if you did not previously consult the state of the tracks. We firmly recommend that you refrain from undertaking a route after periods of heavy rain or low snowfall.

Campercat4X4 declines any responsability for the consequences of the improper driving of our vehicles.

Please take into consideration that, when you rent one of our vehicles, we sign a contract and a disclaimer- these condition must be adhered to.

Unique adventure vehicles designed for adventure.   


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