It´s  an adventure leisure vehicle designed for two people, or two adults and one child, even so,  it is approved to carry up to 7 people inside with the corresponding security systems.

The vehicle is equipped with three rows of seats as standard. The middle row has seats capable of moving along longitudinal guides and turning on 360 degrees, allowing a great optimization of the space at any time.

It is conceived as a basic adventure vehicle, designed for those who start or for the most spartan, but without skimping on features that allow you to reach wherever you want.

It is the smallest vehicle of the campercat4x4 fleet, which gives it less capacity in camper equipment but instead much more maneuverability, being able to go through the most twisty tracks of our geography.

The traction of the vehicle of standard form is 4x2, if we block the levers that we find in the front wheels, these happen to have traction of the transfer gearbox without no effort. Once inside the vehicle we can activate the buttons of the integral traction or of the low gears in case of needing them, and thus it becomes a real 4x4, which can go anywhere and take you to the most inhospitable places.

It is a type of vehicle that as having a short frontal part from the front axle, has an angle of attack higher than many 4x4 of recognized name.

The 5-speed manual gear shift is in agreement with the rest of the vehicle with a very well-calculated gear ratio in relation to the engine's power, which makes it very comfortable to drive it by any of the routes we propose.

At the top of the vehicle there is a roof tent of the brand AUTOHOME, specifically the COLUMBUS model, which offers a bed of 120x200 cm, suitable for two adults or two adults and a small child.

This roof tent model has two side doors with zipper and mosquito net. It is made of polyester canvas, which is completely waterproof and only lets the air pass through the areas that act as vents. We add extra comfort with the exterior fiberglass bucket that we will always face the dominant wind of the area where we are. Inside the tent we find a comfortable mattress equipped with anti-condensation insulation on the bottom and two pillows.

Once the tent is unfold, the structure is fixed so that it can’t fold for any reason. You access the tent through an aluminum ladder that we can pick up once inside. It is 130 cm height when unfolded.

It is an extraordinarily comfortable tent model to fold and unfold, maneuvers that are made in a few seconds.

Driving the vehicle with the tent on the roof does not represent any inconvenience and there is practically no extra fuel cost given its aerodynamic shape and the low height it has when it is folded, only 30 centimeters.

The rental of this vehicle is complemented, optionally, with a camping table with the necessary chairs for the occupants, a gas stove and two solar showers to be able to have water wherever you are.

Unique adventure vehicles designed for adventure.   


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