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It´s  an adventure leisure vehicle designed for up to five people, with a modular design. Its shape is aimed at making the most of the available space and it is equipped with several practical, dismountable units.

This vehicle has been converted into a camper van by TMCAMPER in 2018.


​The traction of the vehicle is the well-known 4motion system of Volkswagen, which is equipped with a differential that makes the distribution of traction through a multi-plate clutch bathed in oil and an electronically managed hydraulic pump. This system has the advantage that it acts automatically when it detects traction losses.


In addition to the 4Motion System, this vehicle was equipped with an specialised 4x4 hardware engineered and fitted by Austrian prestigious and expert ACHLEITNER. It incorporates, among other technical aspects: aluminum protections on the underbody, bodywork with elevated suspension, all-terrain tires, hill-start assist, a transfer case with double acting pneumatic actuator and, most importantly, a group of short gears with 3 differential locks that make it an authentic 4x4 vehicle capable of taking you anywhere.

It has an standard six-speed manual gearbox that allows extremely comfortable driving for any of the routes we suggest.

For travelling purposes there are two individual front seats and a three-seater back seat, which makes it one of the few vehicles of this volume available at the market that can accommodate up to 5 people to travel and 5 people to sleep.


This rear seat can be replaced by a two-seater seat if the users are 4 in total, thus having more space in the back of the camper.


Once you have parked it is easy to set up your living quarters. The two front seats swivel to face the rear and a pull-out table completes the dining area.


​This living room does not need to be disassembled at bed time- there are two double bunk-beds at the back of the van. All matresses are made of viscoelastic for your greater sleeping comfort.

rental RV 4Motion
sleeping confort

The cooker has a gas ring with electric ignition, next to which there is a generously sized stainless steel sink to facilitate the cleaning tasks of the dishes.

The kitchen is equipped with every kind of utensils. There is also a 50-liter refrigerator for keeping your food and drink cold. The vehicle is equipped with a pure wavelength inverter of 500 watts of power, which also allows you to connect any device to 220V with less than this power.

The vehicle is equipped with a pure wavelength inverter of 500 watts of power, which also allows you to connect any device to 220V with less than this power.


Electrical power is provided by two secondary 100 ampers batteries which recharge through a 150-watt solar panel and the alternator of the vehicle when it is running or through a power cable when we connect to 220 volts. We supply this cable when you hire the van. The batteries are connected in such a way that the ignition battery can never rut out when we are stopped but they both charge when the engine is running or the vehicle is connected to the network.

dutxa camper

The interior lighting is provided by strategically positioned led bulbs which adequately illuminate the entire vehicle. Priority was given to the equipment of each bed  with an adequate reading lamp and USB recharge socket. There is another recharge socket in the dining area as well as a smaller 12 volt one.

​There is a chemical toilet below the bed that can easily be assembled and disassembled within seconds to place it wherever you find convenient at each time.


Beside the rear door of the vehicle there is a shower cabin ready for immediate use.

Crafter 4x4 rental Catalonia

Heating and hot water are abundantly provided by a WEBASTO AIRTOP device which is fuelled by the  petrol tank. This device gives hot air which passes through a boiler heating the water and allowing to have hot water quickly and efficiently. In summer position, the hot air goes out of the vehicle and, in winter, the air enters the vehicle to heat it, all this is controlled by an analog panel.


​The clean water tank is located under the vehicle. There is a hose with different types of fast and threaded links to be able to charge water to different supply points.


Water that comes out of the sink and the shower is collected in a waste water tank located under the vehicle, which has a manual valve for its emptying.

There are thermal blinds available for all the windows of the vehicles, protecting you from the cold. 

​There is ample storage space wich includes assorted-sized cupboards where you can store all your personal items.

rent a camper 4x4
RV rental Tarragona

Unique adventure vehicles designed for adventure.   


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