rent a 4x4 camper in Spain

Who are we?

Our names are Marc and Serena, and we are passionate about travelling in Camper vans! We have been travelling together for over fifteen years in different types of Camper van, to the most remarkable corners of the earth, getting the most possible fun out of both our vehicles and this particular way of travelling.

Some of the places we have visited in our vans are Corsica, The Dolomites, Marroco, both slopes of the Pyrenees, the Italian, French and Swiss Alps , Slovenia, Norway, Russia, Letonia, Lithuania, Poland and Iceland, all affording us many miles of enriching experiences.

​Our first van was a T3 syncro with an extendable roof. A few years later we updated to a T4, and, keeping in the Volkswagen line, we went on to a T5 4Motion with the same kind of roof. We finally ended up with our “Barretina” that is to say a Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 wich we had converted into our own style of camper van replete with all sorts of acceseries and equipment.

This love for our hobby changed our lives, and we decided to share our experiences with you so that you too can enjoy our dear “Barretina” as much as we have in the past.

What´s more, we now have an even larger fleet, which includes “Boira”, a Volkswagen Crafter 4Motion adapted by the well known Austrian firm Achleitner, and which has also been transformed into a comfortable and functional camper; "Pepa", a Mitsubishi L200 with a Uro-camper living module, a vehicle with better 4x4 aptitudes; and "Sisqueta", a Hyundai H1 4x4, the smallest of our vehicles, which has a roof tent for sleeping two people.

Unique adventure vehicles designed for adventure.   


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